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Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda

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Notice of Advisory Committee Meeting


DATE: June 17, 2011
TIME: 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Department of Consumer Affairs
Hearing Room, S-102 (First Floor)
1625 North Market Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95834

The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau will hold an Advisory Committee meeting on the agenda items listed below. Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting. Please be aware that anyone visiting the building will need to register with the security guard on the first-floor in the lobby. The security guard can also provide directions to the meeting location if you need assistance.


  1. Introduction and Opening Remarks
  2. Responsibilities of New Advisory Committee Members
  3. Discussion of Draft Language for Cemetery Maintenance Standards for Proposed Rulemaking
  4. Discussion of Proposal Section 100 Changes to Funeral and Cemetery Rules and Regulations
  5. Discussion of Future Rulemaking Topics
  6. Public Comment on Items Not On Agenda
  7. Future Meeting(s)
  8. Adjournment

For additional information, you may call (916) 574-7870, or visit the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau's web site at www.cfb.ca.gov.

Please note that agenda topics and topic order is subject to change without notice. All meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities, however, if you need reasonable accommodations as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, or if you have questions regarding the public meeting, please contact Joy Korstjens at (916) 574-7878.