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California Licensees Wanted!

The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau (Bureau) is recruiting funeral directors, embalmers, cemetery brokers, cemetery managers, and crematory managers to serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to participate in examination development workshops.

Item writing and review workshops involve reviewing existing questions and writing new questions for written examinations. SMEs ensure that the questions are directly related to tasks performed on the job and develop job-related questions for assessing entry-level knowledge.

Passing score workshops are necessary to set a passing score for each examination based on minimum standards for competent practice.

SMEs may also participate in occupational analyses to define the practice of a specific profession and determine the actual tasks that new licensees must be able to perform safely and competently in order to receive a license.

These workshops are needed to develop licensing examinations that are fair, job-related, and legally defensible. As a SME, your primary function at these workshops is to establish examination questions that reflect current entry-level practice so that new licensees have sufficient knowledge and experience to ensure public health and safety.

The workshops are conducted year-round in Sacramento by the Department of Consumer Affairs' Office of Professional Examination Services. Workshops are typically two days, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. All participants are reimbursed for travel expenses at established government rates; airfare is prepaid by the Bureau. Expenses for food and lodging cannot be provided before the workshop. SMEs receive an honorarium of $100.00 for each day they participate.

To qualify to serve as a Subject Matter Expert, licensees must:

  1. Possess a California license which is current and not under suspension, probation, or any other formal disciplinary action;
  2. Be currently practicing in California as a licensee of the license category for which you are applying; and
  3. Refrain from participating in any examination coaching or preparation activities as stated in the examination security agreement (signed upon participation in examination development activities).

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in serving as a SME, please complete and submit the Subject Matter Expert application with your resume to the Bureau. You can download the application below, or contact the Bureau at (916) 574-7870.

Subject Matter Expert Application