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A crematory is a place of business with a building or structure containing a furnace used for the reduction of human remains, by way of incineration. A crematory must be operated under the supervision of Designated Licensed Crematory Manager.

To be licensed as a crematory, a business must submit:

  1. A complete application with the required filing fee.
  2. A corporate resolution delegating authority to submit the application, if applicant is a corporation.
  3. A certified copy of your Articles of Incorporation if applicant is a corporation (may be obtained from the Secretary of State's web site located at www.sos.ca.gov/business-programs).
  4. A Partnership agreement, if applicant is a partnership.
  5. A Permit to operate a crematory issued by the local air pollution control district.
  6. Land use or zoning permit.
  7. A Certified copy of a Deed, lease, or other instrument which provide the applicant with the right to possess and use the property where the business will be located.
  8. A statement signed by the applicant if the applicant is an individual; signed by the majority and verified by one of the directors, if the applicant is a corporation; or signed and verified by a majority of the partners, if applicant is a partnership, which statement shall set forth the following 3 requirements:
    • A complete and detailed financial statement showing assets, liabilities, and reserve.
    • A statement of proposed plan of operation which shall include the type of selling. The statement should include what they sell and to whom (i.e. merchandise, cremation services available to the public, etc.) and a copy of any price lists for goods and services if they sell to the public. If services are not available to the public, then the statement should indicate that.
    • A full, true, and complete copy of the standard agreement which will be used for funding of prearranged cremations.
  9. Plans and specifications of the crematory and building, which must be sufficient to allow the Bureau to determine, among other things, adequacy of storage for cremated and uncremated remains.
  10. Copy of a recent fire inspection report or a certificate of occupancy.
  11. Evidence of a written contract with a licensed cemetery for final disposition of cremated remains that are in its possession after 90 days of the date of death.
  12. Submit Certification Affidavits for all officers, owners and partners.

To request an application form, or for additional information about licensing a business as a crematory, call the Bureau's Licensing Division at (916) 574-7870.