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2012 Summary of Regulations

California Code of Regulations Section 2328.1 (Amended)

Non-substantive changes were made, including amending the revision date of the form [21A3 (12/11) Cemetery Manager and Crematory Manager Application] to correctly reflect the addition of the verbiage required by AB 1424, which states “Effective July, 1, 2012, the State Board of Equalization and the Franchise Tax Board may share taxpayer information with the Bureau. You are obligated to pay your state tax obligation and your license may be suspended if the state tax obligation is not paid per Business and Professions Code Section 31(e).” Additionally, the location of the Bureau office was updated, and outdated testing information was deleted.

California Code of Regulations Section 2333 (Adopted)

Cemetery maintenance standards, as required by SB 1490 (Ducheny, Chapter 401, Statutes of 2006), establish the minimum standards necessary to prevent the offensive deterioration of an endowment care cemetery licensed by the Bureau. Cemeteries must at minimum follow the items listed by the regulation (exception provided to certain items for natural condition sections), or may choose to incorporate those items into their rules and regulations in accordance with Health and Safety Code Section 8300, and must provide consumer(s)’ a written copy of their maintenance standards upon request. The cemetery must reconsider annually the amount collected in endowment care fees based upon current and projected maintenance expenditures.