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2007 Summary of Legislation

  • SB 795 Yee (Chapter 629, Statutes of 2007)
    1. Special Care Fund investment - Allows for investment of all Special Care Fund(s), not just irrevocable agreements, under the terms of Health and Safety Code Sections 8751, 8751.1. (Amends Health and Safety Code Section 8778).
    2. Special Care Fund Administration - Addresses requirements for administration of Special Care Fund. Cemetery must honor revocation request within 30 days of written request, has the ability to charge a 10% revocation fee against earned income, and can charge a yearly administrative fee of 4% of total corpus against current trust income. (Adds Health and Safety Code Section 8778.5).
  • AB 1689 Lieber & Berryhill (Chapter 629, Statutes of 2007)
    1. Uniform Anatomical Gift Act - Repealed and replaced Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Health and Safety Code Section 7150) of Part 1, Division 7 of the Health and Safety Code, Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. Made conforming changes, clarified language, enumerated authority to make gift.
  • SB 850 Maldonado (Chapter 661, Statutes of 2007)
    1. "Missing Angels Act" a.k.a. Certificate of Still Birth - Creates a Certificate of Still Birth that can be requested from local registrar by parent for the natural intrauterine demise of a fetus at or beyond 20th week of uterogestation. Allows registrar to set and collect a fee for this service. Does not replace the fetal death certificate. (Amends Health and Safety Code Section 100430 and 102950; Adds Article 4.5, commencing with Section 103010, to Chapter 7 of Par 1 of Division 102).