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2005 Summary of Legislation

  • AB 1278 Emmerson (Chapter 430, Statutes of 2005)
    1. Fetal Death Certificate; Certified Copies - Guards against improper disclosure of confidential medical & health information included on (birth and) fetal death certificates by clearly defining what information is to be collected, what is publicly disclosable, who may receive a certified copy, and in what format the copy shall be produced on or after January 1, 2006/July 1, 2007. (Amends Health and Safety Code Sections 103025, 103526, 103526.5).
  • AB 940 Chu (Chapter 471, Statutes of 2005)
    1. Missing Persons DNA Database - Extends the $2 fee on death certificates used to fund the "Missing Persons DNA Data Base" until January 1, 2010.