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Enforcement and Disciplinary Actions


The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau provides information regarding administrative citations and disciplinary actions for immediate access and the convenience of interested persons. While the Bureau believes the information to be reliable, human or technical error remains a possibility, as does possible delay in posting or updating information. Therefore, the Bureau makes no guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, currency or correct sequencing of the information.

Neither the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau or any of the sources of information shall be responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the use or results obtained from the use of this information. Please contact the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau by mail, e-mail, telephone, or fax if you find any inaccuracies. To order copies of any of the disciplinary actions or citations, send your written request, including the name and license number of the licensee, to: Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, 1625 North Market Blvd., S-208, Sacramento, CA 95834.

Definition of Terms:

Accusation An Accusation is a legal document formally charging a licensee with a violation(s) of the Cemetery Act or Funeral Directors and Embalmers Law, and notifying the public that a disciplinary action is pending.

Citation A citation is an enforcement action, which may contain an administrative fine and order of abatement, issued to a licensee, registrant, or unlicensed person or business for violations of the statutes and regulations enforced by the Bureau.

Default Decision A decision based on the licensee's failure to provide a Notice of Defense after an Accusation or Statement of Issues has been served, or failure to be present at an administrative hearing. All charges are deemed true, and the default decision normally results in a revocation of the licensee's license(s).

Effective Decision Date The date the disciplinary decision/order goes into effect.

Petition to Revoke Probation Based upon violation(s) of probation the Bureau may file charges against a probationer seeking revocation of his/her license.

Proposed Decision A decision rendered by an Administrative Law Judge through an Administrative Hearing which contains the determination of issues, findings of fact, and proposed order.

Revoked The license is cancelled and the right to practice has ended.

Revoked, Stayed, Probation The Bureau revoked the license, however, the revocation is "stayed" or temporarily set aside, subject to specified probationary terms and conditions. The licensee may continue professional practice so long as the licensee complies with the specified probationary terms and conditions. If the licensee violates probation, the Bureau may petition to lift the "stay" and revoke the license.

Statement of Issues A Statement of Issues is a legal document formally charging an applicant for licensure with a violation(s) of the Cemetery Act or Funeral Directors and Embalmers Law, and notifying the public that an administrative hearing on the denial is pending.

Stipulated Settlement A licensee facing disciplinary action by the Bureau or an applicant for licensure formally denied an initial license may negotiate a settlement or "stipulated agreement" prior to hearing.

Suspension The licensee is prohibited from practicing for a specific period of time.

Voluntary Surrender A licensee surrenders their license as a resolution to a disciplinary matter, subject to acceptance by the Bureau. The individual or business can no longer practice in the State of California.

Writ of Mandate An appeal filed in Superior Court asking the court to overturn the Director's decision.

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