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Licensing Contact Information

  • Cathey "Cat" Litral
    Licensing Analyst
    (916) 574-7875
    • Apprentice Embalmer – Original Application and Program Monitoring
    • Embalmer – Examination Application and Licensing
    • Funeral Director – Examination Application and Licensing
    • Cemetery Manager – Examination Application and Licensing
    • Crematory Manager – Examination Application and Licensing
    • Cremated Remains Disposers – Original Application and Licensing
    • Funeral Establishment Applications: Change of Location, Approval to Share Preparation and Storage, Notification of Change of Funeral Directors and/or Officers, Duplicate License for Establishment, Name Change Application, Assignment of Funeral Establishment License.
    • Report Designation or Change of Cemetery or Crematory Managers
    • Crematory Applications
    • All Renewals
  • Audrey Larkin
    Licensing Analyst
    (916) 574-7874
    • Cemetery Broker – Examination/Original Application and Licensing
    • Cemetery Salesperson – Original Application and Request for Transfer/Reinstatement